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I want you to break up with your girlfriend or wife now! She is getting in the way of your progress in being the best slut for me. The best loser for me. Or whatever it is you are.

This year, you are going to focus only on ME, and my mission to transform men into my perfect SLAVES. Working hard for me, and not her. Giving me all your cum and none for her. She doesn''t understand what is going on here. And she never will. 

So break up with her today. Let her know why. Let her know it's because you want to be MY slave, and you need to focus 100% on that. 

You are changing rapidly. You are wanting to GO DEEPER with me and get lost from your boring life. Totally escape and never go back to what you were before. 

Dump her now and be happier than you ever thought possible!
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